Do you ever want to play GBA games on your computer + a GBA that can link each other??? Well click here to download it. Plus it’s free. You also might want to go to this WEBSITE for more information. 

Do you know how to set up VBA link so that you can link with each other??? It’s easy though. No need to many computer we just need one working computer/laptop.

I myself also don’t know how to use it at first, but after doing some surfing and little experiment, i’ve done it and it’s so very easy to use.

For your information, This VBA Link is just the same as the VBA and it can play any games in it(I Mean GBA Games). So, lets get started.

First, download your “VBA link” through the link given above. Extract it into your desktop. Then Straight open the “VBA Link” 2(TWO) times. It look like below :

Note : Eventhough you open VBA 2(Two) Times, it’s setting will not be the same. It simply mean that each window of VBA have it’s own setting.

So, you need to set up the first windows of VBA on the left. Go to Option > Joypad > Configure > 1 (This is for controller 1) and then again go to Option > Joypad > Controller > Pick “1”(Because you have configure for joystick 1).

Ok now we set the save type. Go to Option > Emulator > Save Type > Click on “Automatic and Flash 128K”.

Next we will set the Directory of YOUR VBA LINK Save directory. Go to Option > Emulator > Directories > (Now just set for the “Battery” and “save file” directory ~this is the place where your save file and battery file will be kept on your hard drive. For example you choose to save at your desktop C:\~\Desktop\VBA 1\)

Note : This is to make your life easy. (Battery File is the saved file you make when you saved the game by using in game saved) For example if you play POKEMON FIRE RED, when you PRESS “START” and PRESS “SAVE”, that is the BATTERY FILE that the VBA will load when your RUN the game next time. While the “save game” directory is for the save game by using VBA (I mean by using CTRL + S and CTRL + L to load). Simple huh??? and don’t forget to  disable the “Pause when Inactive Windows” when you want to link with each other. Go to Option > Emulator > untick the “Pause when inactive windows” for both VBA windows.

Now we will set the “LINKING PART”. Go to Option > Link > Click on the “wireless” and well we set it later after we want to play games.

For the second windows of VBA, i mean the windows of VBA on the RIGHT…

Like the setting of Left windows of VBA, we set the joypad but this time configure joypad 2, and chose joypad 2 as your controller. (Just use any button on your keyboard as long as you remember)

Now for the directory, it’s same like the setting of the Left Windows of VBA but just using different file name like (C:\~Desktop\VBA 2) to make your life easy so that you can find the BAttery File Easier).

As for the Save Type, just follow the setting above (Means both have same setting which is “Automatic” + Flash 128K).

Now lets go to the linking part.

For Both VBA windows, please go to Option > Link > and make sure “Wireless” is tick. after that go to Option >Link > Setting. Ok, Now you will see a windows with tab  GENERAL, SERVER, and CLIENT.  For tab GENERAL The Setting is

       Link Timeout (In Milisecond) : 2000 , Network, Advance : Safer, Port Number :5738. Now, one windows open SERVER tab, and the other one open CLIENT tab. as for the VBA that open SERVER tab, make sure the setting is TCP/IP and just click “START”( It Means you start a Server).

For the  VBA that open CLIENT tab, just make sure stting is TCP/IP, and click “JOIN” Then a new window will pop out saying “1 player connected, want to wait another player?” Just click no and ok ok… Congrats… You successfully link your VBA. now you can start trading or battling or anything. For pokemon game, you can import your battery file.

(After OPEN the VBA.ROM) go to File > Import > Battery File and it will reset your VBA. Just do some experiment few times and you will grab the idea in no time… And Don’t worry, next time you open 2(two) windows of the VBA, it will keep your setting. So no need for setting again, you can skip to the linking part. (Have Fun) and if you have problems, can ask me. email me at (I’ll be glad to help if i can). If you want to find the ROM file, just google… or (Go to this Site) but you need to register(free) first to see the link… 🙂 Good Luck…